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Obviously, in real life few underwriting decisions are that easy or clear-cut. When QuotesChimp apply for insurance you come to the underwriting table with a mix of characteristics that will be considered as either positive (presenting a low risk to the company) or negative (presenting a high risk to the company). The under�writers will then consider your entire statistical profile and decide whether, overall, you present an average risk to the company (standard), a high risk (substandard), or a low risk (preferred). Preferred risks will be quickly accepted and offered the best price. Standard risks will be accepted and offered the standard price. Substandard risks will either be rejected, or accepted on the condition that they pay a higher price or, sometimes, that they accept lower benefits.
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Let Us have a look at QuotesChimp of the first battles in the warfare to cut back car insurance premiums: Ca's Proposal 103.
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The Insurance QuotesChimp's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is your guide to fair insurance practices, protection of your insurance dollars, and honest, reliable representation. Take it with you when you interview an insurance agent, and make sure your agent reads and agrees with its principles.
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Stated amount. If Quotes Chimp have a unique or classic vehicle, you can agree ahead of time with your insurance company as to just how much the car will be worth should a claim be made. This is done with a stated amount endorsement. However, if you choose to state the values of the vehicles you are insuring, you may not actually get that figure if your car is totaled, since the insurance company can pay you less if the actual cash value of the vehicle has slipped beneath the amount stated in the endorsement.
Número de mensajes global: 131 - Páginas (14): 1 ... 6 7 [8] 9 10 ... 14
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