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Autor: Morphine
Enviado: ene 05 2014 - 11:55
Asunto: FArOtOOtFEVhAyywsUk
There are a lot of variables to your quitseon. The allowable amount of the procedure would hidge on the zip code where services are rendered, procedure codes billed and the contract with that paticular facility. Generally speaking the MRI companies bill somewhere in the range of $1200 per episode. The insurance company will leverage about $600-$900. If you are looking to get this done, I would suggest reaching out to a radiology facility versus doing this out-patient hospital. You are more likely to work a deal with the smaller facility then the monster hospital system. Call around you may get a better deal in the less populated areas of town. FYI- Keep in mind that the MRI itself is not the only charge A radiologist will often sneak a seperate bill in there for about $100-200.
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