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Enviado: ene 07 2014 - 12:28
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Watchdog, Thanks for the recommendation. I will try to put it on my list. I reeshiinfd The Great War and Modern Memory and picked up an early copy of the Oxford Book of English Verse to try to read the same poetry that he sees underlying the poetry of Sassoon, Brooke, Blunden and Owens. It was pretty cool to go back and forth between the older texts and their reframing by the war writers.Its definitely not a book about battles or about how the war was fought, but rather a book about how our expectations frame our experiences, and then how our experiences speak back to our poetry and art and our lives. Its a truism that we are "always fighting the last battle" and its often literally true--as in the early stages of each war the officers and technology of the previous war come into play. But Fussell argues beautifully how true this is of our vision of what we are doing--of the war, of death, of sacrifice. He also argues in great detail that the naievte and innocence of the first world war can't really be repeated--certainly ought not to be repeated. But it is also the case that those who forget the past are condmened to repeat it--certainly the emotional run up to the first world war contained many of the same tropes, images, jingoism, romance, and violence against dissent that our own run up to the Iraq war contained. aimai
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