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Autor: Elvis
Enviado: ene 06 2014 - 03:58
Asunto: qUawsdSLgYLzkvHPPxq
Lucy,Great post! If I were to pick a winning in terms of staieegrts for funding I really like:"Might they search first for co-funders, then for organizational partners, and then develop large, leveraged staieegrts?" Foundations do not work together well enough. It is part of my difficulty with Philanthrocapitalism. Businesses and their entrepreneurs suceed by crushing the competition every bit (more?) than they do by creating a great product. This is not the appropriate posture for creating a better world. Our goals are collective in theri nature, so must be our actions.I also really appreciate your suggestion:"Might there be connections between well-researched, evidence-based and independently evaluated staieegrts for change and the multiple organizations that carry out that work?"My guess is that this question is rhetorical?