Autor: Sarah
Enviado: ene 08 2014 - 06:42
Asunto: jvoUeWNjqiuNgqInC
Another solution is call a few<a href=""> frnieds</a> with spare locks. The more on the bike, the more to burst open. This can also buy time (plus jamming their lock) to get their lock cut. I have never heard of a thief locking up a bike. Usually thieves are out for the easy gains: bikes with cable locks, u-locks around wheels (NOT the frame), bikes locked to sign posts, etc. If your bike is nice enough for them to lock, wait and pray, and then return, you must have a really nice frame. If the parts alone are worth it, I've heard of people cutting through the frame itself simply for the worth of the wheels and components even if it's titanium or carbon fiber. It's super easy to cut through even chromoly with a cheap hacksaw. Aluminum can be dented and cut even less effort.For most bikes, a thief would probably not risk a $50+ lock plus a beatdown on a quick $200 re-sell on the used market. A cheaper u-lock would be too vulnerable for this to work. The only person locking your bike up to steal it would be another cyclist, I'm sure.
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