Autor: Sibil
Enviado: ene 05 2014 - 07:57
Asunto: clNWTYJKdnrnw
I luv John Lennon and I'm doing an essay on him for he was far from perfect but I think he kept tirnyg to make himself a better person When I read the Yoko's statement, I felt so sad. Losing a lover and best friend like that must be earth shatteringly terrible.Personally, I don't like her singing (her artwork is pretty cool though) and sometimes I think she's off her nut but she was such an inspiration and blessing to John, and I think they were quite cute together. *cough* but not as cute as him n' Paul *cough* I get so mad when I think about John's death, how senseless and violent it was, you know. But I guess that's the way things work out some times R.I.P Johnny boy
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