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Autor: Ankit
Enviado: ene 06 2014 - 04:20
Asunto: QluujHprsOy
Hey Girl! So I really love those White Bebe Platforms I think they are seirlusoy to Die for! The top of the Heel Really Feminizes the foot because of its nice white curve to it! I'm hoping to be a designer one day I'm in school now I would love to win a Pair of Heels Especially from You Coco because I think your Just Such and Inspiration The way you work your body and have your own line now! I'm 18 years old and we're practically the same size! Our foot size is the same I'm an inch taller then you! (hehe) 5'5 and I have a 36C cup and I'm now going to the Gym and using your Fitness tips to get have a nicer butt and more sculpted legs. TO WIN THESE HEELS WOULD SERIOUSLY BE AMAZING!!! I'm a huge fan and look at you as an inspiration to women and men everywhere that we were given these bodies to show off not to cover up! Your only young once so you should make use of it! Love you Coco keep doing what your doing! P.S Pick Me!! You won't regret it and I will literally send as many pictures in these heels as you want!! <3