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Autor: Gloria
Enviado: ene 08 2014 - 09:18
Asunto: zZbwTIpvhfZLSLpO
Nice! I love your whole attitude on this stuff<a href=""> ltelay</a>. I love that you go out of the way to make a difference, and find ways for other people to make a difference.I can only think of one locally owned business in Red Deer that I have always and will always support as long as it's around and that's Records to the Rafters. It's owned by the coolest guy around who knows everything about old classic rock and some metal and pretty much any genre you could imagine. He's a sweet guy, interesting to talk to, and the store has some awesome treasures if you look in the right places. Every time I go there I give him old record players to fix and sell or buy a couple records just to give him my support.