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Enviado: nov 22 2015 - 08:01
Asunto: CbhDSGxekryJrzTK
Health insurance <a href="">shluod</a> be considered a human right as it is in every other western nation. When people are well they can properly participate in a society as contributors, workers, etc. When they are ill they cannot and they will be a drain on our resources one way or the other. Should we let people die because they have no money to afford health care? On the other hand, why <a href="">shluod</a> any corporation make big money on another person's misfortune (ill health)? The health of no person <a href="">shluod</a> be dependent on his/her monetary resources. We <a href="">shluod</a>, however, be required to make payments for health insurance according to our income or ability to pay. It can only be completely free to those who have no resources.References :
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